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Peoplepreneur is a transformative growth platform that provides the tools for self-leadership. By establishing an inner-connected self, we enhance an identity for greater effectiveness. We aim to bring life-changing teachings, training, strategies and insights from truly people-centric leaders whose only agenda is amplifying your potential.


This insidious force is robbing us of clarity, stifling our potential, and nurtures an disillusioned identity; leading us astray from our intended path. At Peoplepreneur, we stand together in pursuit of self-mastery.


Dr Elizebeth Lindsey

National Geographic Explorer, CEO & Founder EARTH ONE
Thought Leader, TED Speaker

There’s no greater service we render Humanity than to realise our potential and share it generously. Anks Patel is doing just that with Peoplepreneur. During this era, when the world is fraught with uncertainty and loneliness is at an all-time high, we long for meaning and connection. Peoplepreneur seeks to provide both.

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Anks Patel

Peoplepreneur Founder, Growth Coach,
Personal Brand Strategist,
Unconventional Thought Leader

Meet the founder

A Better World?
A Better Identity.

Want change? We must adopt the necessary characteristics to create it. Living the life we all wished we had requires an identity that promotes it. Which path are you on?

A Lack Of Direction

Many people don't achieve their goals and live the way they would like to because of our shared villain. We have become reliant on external influences that now govern our lives.

We all have the power to effectively guide our lives and make conscious choices. The right directives includes making choices, taking action, and forming habits. If your life isn't going the way you want, perhaps you're lacking the correct inner directives.

Unlimited Personal Power

You have limitless godly power within you. You have all the tools within you manage life. It's up to us to use them in ways that benefits us. Life is journey of personal growth and the key is being able to explore and unravel your power. A greater sense of control over your life, your business, your career begins now.

The Potential To Be Extraordinary

Extraordinary fall into two parts. Firstly, we must be about others; we don't know anyone notable who is extraordinary just for themselves. Secondly, extraordinary means being able to overcome and manage anything we experience by successfully tapping into mental resources. It begins by developing robust personal philosophies.

A People-centric era

We’ve moved from a product-centered world to a customer-centered one, but people don't want to be treated like numbers or objects. As technology advances, we need to focus more on humanity. Simple things like cause, value, and purpose are important but misunderstood. The future is now; it’s about people, communities, and connection. We’re contributing to a people-centric world.

Only Change Is Promised

Change is a sign that we need to grow and learn. It can be good or bad, but it always teaches us something. Many dislike change because comfort is a great motivator; it's important to be able to adapt. We all contribute to change, whether we realise it or not. Be it a good change or a bad one; for every action there is an equal of opposite reaction. We must embracing change.

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Peoplepreneur Manifesto

A Inner World Of
Unconditional Possibilities

We're speaking about the unique world that exists within each of us individually. We create our own reality through our stimuli and the meaning we attach to it; we call it our mental maps. It's important for us to manage our inner world by changing what doesn't serve us, redefining what doesn't work, and making our maps clearer and stronger. When we do, opportunities appear and life becomes possible.

Anks Patel | Founder | Mindset Coach, Brand Strategist

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