Enhancing Your Self-Leadership*

A people-centric* growth platform dedicated to self-leadership. We equip people with the inner tools that enhance their personal effectiveness where it matters. The blueprint to greatness is individually unique, and so is our approach.

No one model determines the complete effectiveness of self-leadership, our perspective is holistic, seeking development within our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. A well-rounded and deeply rooted sense of self guides all actions and decisions.
Recognising that our effectiveness hinges on benefits that extend beyond ourselves; our intentions hold the key to our contributions.
Misguided within + Misled by others = Misaligned life
when you don’t own into you

Misdirection robs us of clarity, stifles our potential, and nurtures a disillusioned identity, leading us astray from who we're meant to be.

Our compass
incredible contributors
People-Centric Leaders
Humaira Akhter

Humaira Akhter

Self-Awareness Practitioner, Brand Strategist, Liberator, Quiet Rebel and Innovator

Abhishek Dutta

Abhishek Dutta

Team Codesign

UX Strategist, Product Designer, People Advocator, Humble Practitioner Fanatic, Nature Explorer

Teylse Lynn

Telyse Lynn

Peoplepreneur’s Amplifier

Kaizen Coach, Creativity Strategist, Writer, Self-Care Advocator, Inspirer and Proud Mom of Three

If you can place the same level of certainty in yourself, you will allow yourself to embrace everyting that awaits.