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Lack Of Direction Breeds Chaos In All Areas Of Life.

In an uncertain and overwhelming world, it's easy to feel lost on a path that isn't ours.

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Dr Elizebeth Lindsey

National Geographic Explorer, CEO & Founder EARTH ONE
Thought Leader, TED Speaker

There’s no greater service we render Humanity than to realise our potential and share it generously. Anks Patel is doing just that with Peoplepreneur. During this era, when the world is fraught with uncertainty and loneliness is at an all-time high, we long for meaning and connection.

Peoplepreneur seeks to provide both.

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Compass Of Life

Develop your navigational tool that drastically creates focus in the direction of your life.

  • Extract your essence and find meaning in life
  • Foster belonging and set clear aspirations for yourself and others
  • Set a clear vision of your future & commit to it
  • Uncover the principles that guide you
  • Lead with decisiveness, intention and purpose
  • Avoid feeling lost or uncertain about your path

Compass Of Life

Moment Of Mastery - Course
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