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What are Live Classes?

Hey! Live classes are great! Give them a try and see how much you can achieve in just a little bit of time! They're short, hyper-focused sessions that help you develop specific skills, perfect for busy people who want to make incremental progress.

Who are the Live Classes for?

They're perfect for people looking for targeted, incremental growth in areas that matter to them. We believe in a more intentional approach to personal development, where you can focus on the information and skills that will make a difference in your life. Even though our classes aren't industry-specific, they're relevant to the tools we use daily. So what are you waiting for? Register your seat, and let's grow together! We can't wait to see you in class.

Who teaches these classes?

People that care! Live classes are taught by subject-level leaders who have people like you at the top of their minds. They seek to help you grow personally by bringing knowledgeable insights into shorter time frames.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the classes begin at £99 per class.

How do we access them?

All classes are currently delivered through Zoom. The application can be download from Zoom official website. After reserving your seat, you will receive an email with all the necessary details.

How long do they run?

Each class is different; however, they typically run 45-60 mins, depending upon the host.

I can't make the class!

No worries if you need to cancel a class you've paid for - life happens! Just email us at, and we'll help you. While we don't offer refunds on Live Classes, we'll send you a coupon with the total value of the class that you can use towards a future checkout. When you're ready, you can use it to reserve your spot in another session. It's important to note that these coupons are specific to live classes and can't be used for other Peoplepreneur products. Thanks for understanding!

Can I access the classes after each session?

Although we record all class sessions, currently, they will not be available to access. It will be a feature available in the future.

A class was cancelled! What now?

We know that unexpected circumstances can arise, and while we wish we could control everything, sometimes things are out of our hands. If we need to cancel a class, we'll contact you and provide a coupon with the total class value. You can use this towards reserving a spot in another class when you're ready.