Purpose: A Common Misconception

Dec 30, 2023

Take a moment to refresh your perspective around Purpose. It’s become a buzzword today and has been adopted with shallow understanding, leaving people further disconnected from their truth.

Join the discussion between Anks Patel, Founder Of Peoplepreneur® & Empowerment Coach and Amine Hammou, Professional Misfit, as they immerse you in an insightful conversation about the common misconceptions around Purpose.

The journey begins with a thoughtful introduction, exploring the cause and alignment of the problem. The duo delves into the misdirected definition of Purpose and its potential negative impact on brand identity.

They challenge the notion that the ‘why’ is synonymous with Purpose, offering their unique perspective. The conversation evolves to understanding Purpose, questioning the idea of living exclusively to be in Purpose.

Anks and Amine guide you through recognising Purpose and living purposefully rather than living on Purpose. They explore the shaping of identity and discuss how one should genuinely view Purpose.

The discussion unfolds, exploring Purpose’s role in personal and business contexts. Examples, such as Airbnb, are used to illustrate key points. The conversation continues with insights into living in alignment with your Purpose through practical frameworks.

Anks shares tips on becoming more aware of your signals and addressing the challenge of achieving clarity on your Purpose.

Navigate the complexities of Purpose in this down-to-earth discussion, which will leave you questioning your existence in a meaningful and powerful way.

What Was Discussed:
00:00 Intro - Cause & alignment of the problem
03:00 Misdirected definition of Purpose
04:15 Negative effect of Purpose on Brand
05:50 WHY is not a Purpose? What is it?
07:25 Understanding Purpose
09:55 We don’t live life trying to be in Purpose
11:40 Recognising Purpose & Being Purposeful
15:27 How our Identity is shaped
17:00 How should we be looking at Purpose?
19:55 Can you live life without Purpose?
21:54 Purpose in Business & Framework
25:10 Example of when Purpose arises
30:06 AirBnb Example & Living in Alignment
36:10 Amine summarises Purpose
38:00 Becoming more aware of your signals
41:15 Why do you never reach clarity on your Purpose
43:30 [Over to you] - Any Questions?

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