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Compass Of Life

Leading The Unknown.
From A Place Of Knowing.
Self-navigation conquers indecision, uncertainty, and doubt with an inner-connected compass. This self-knowledge propels you forward.

The compass is divided into nine modules, which you'll build step-by-step at your pace.
shape your destiny 

What Enables Me?

Challenges are part of growth, but knowing which challenge makes you purposeful requires keen awareness. Overcoming those challenges, big or small, brings meaning to your existence.
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What Guides Me?

There are patterns to which you've manoeuvred through positive experiences and negative ones. Closely connected with your values, these principles create direction for living.
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What Invigorates Me?

Alignment needs a singular path of focus that has no end and is not achievable. This North Star is the criteria for intentionality that governs your efforts as you move forward.
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What I’m Committed To?

Your commitment is the source of all purposeful endeavours you undertake. This aligned engagement keeps you and brings you closer to fulfilling your vision.
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What Do I Serve?

What you offer the world brings a perspective and uniqueness that emphasises all you apply yourself to. When you aren't aware of your natural inclination, you rely on skills alone.
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What Triggers Me?

We are all part of a bigger problem. This relational problem is one that you're emotionally charged by. It's part of your existence. Make it part of how you build your life.
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Where Am I Energised?

One is too small to achieve success; it's a collective effort. Finding the right people, environment, and conversations begins with a mental shift from 'fitting in', 'like-mindedness' and 'validation' to 'complimentary communities' who challenge, not pamper you.
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What Am I Asking?

The embodiment of an identity we ask of others forms our representation. What you evoke in others is the basis of how we show up; many aren't aware of this powerful question.
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What Centers Me?

Lean into your core and amplify it in everything you do. Explore pillars that balance you through life experiences. When something feels off, it's because your pillars are unbalanced.
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Build & lead Life with Your Compass