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Dr Elizebeth Lindsey

National Geographic Explorer, CEO & Founder EARTH ONE
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There’s no greater service we render Humanity than to realise our potential and share it generously. Anks Patel is doing just that with Peoplepreneur. During this era, when the world is fraught with uncertainty and loneliness is at an all-time high, we long for meaning and connection. Peoplepreneur seeks to provide both.


Your effectiveness requires a mastery of self.


Confidently with conviction self-navigate through life.

Sustainable Mindset

Masterfully manage your mind with a strengthened paradigm.


A lack of self-direction breeds chaos in every part of our lives.

In an uncertain and overwhelming world, it's easy to feel lost on a path that isn't yours, leaving you feeling disconnected, disengaged, and adopting a disillusioned identity.

Transform your life

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Compass Of Life

Course By Anks Patel

Life gives you no manual, so how do we navigate it? What if you were to wield the power of your inner compass and guide yourself through the world with complete inner connectedness? Anks helps you build your most powerful tool. You become the definer of your life and let nothing else distract you.

Compass Of Life

Moment Of Mastery - Course
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