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Framework To Meaningful Impact

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Here's a fundamental truth.

We're all here to serve others.

How can I make such a statement? Well, consider this.

Imagine for a moment that tomorrow you wake up and realise you are the only person on this planet. Kinda like the film I Am Legend starring Will Smith. You spend your days exploring, finding and accumulating resources. You even help yourself to things you never had; a new TV perhaps, maybe bring home a car, or that gold Rolex. You have everything you want, but something doesn't feel right.

With all that you have, you begin to feel it's all worthless.

  • Your house would have five large rooms but be empty.
  • The sports car wouldn't be fast without anybody around to feel it.
  • Time wouldn't be necessary; you don't have anywhere to be.
  • Your skills don't make you skilful; you have nowhere to apply them.
  • You can't jam to your favourite music; they have no meaning.

No matter what you acquire, learn, or accomplish; until it's given away, shared, or bought, it's worthless.

We're all here to serve others.

Introducing The Serve Curve

I've always pondered people who ponder the question:

"What am I here to do?"

The question implies that the individual hasn't yet found something meaningful enough and is seeking something more. What if we began with that question and allowed that to be the seed of our growth? Imagine living life in ways that bring us meaning, and accomplishing our desires in the process. It seems like the most natural progression.

There are sequential steps in all things in life, for example:

  • A baby must turn over, sit up, crawl, walk and then run.
  • You can only eat food when it's made and prepared.
  • Before your practical driving lesson, you must pass your theory.

Often, we'd like to jump ahead of ourselves, and in some cases, you can't. Being number one in anything requires us to climb the ranks: 3rd, 2nd, 1st. Professional growth comes after personal growth; to become effective, meaningful, or valuable, we must determine specific steps. Here it is:

Why we serve dictates who we serve, which informs what we serve and guides us in how we serve it.

Why I serve

Although we aren't diving into purpose in this newsletter, this crosses paths with it. Why I serve is speaking to a reason, the trigger that surrounds your life, and when circumstances appear, you act without hesitation. By understanding the "Why I serve" component, you gain insights into your motivations and values, enabling them to serve with authenticity and intentionality.


  1. Reflect upon your life. Pinpoint when you react and when you respond to situations. Take note of where you respond.
  2. What comes naturally to you without thinking twice?
  3. What inner resource do I have abundance in?

Who we serve

The "Who we serve" component helps you define where your motivations make the most impact. We don't need a name, income bracket, or brands they affiliate with; all that comes after is irrelevant at this point. We want to be moulding the clay after we've made it.


  1. How does your trigger affect someone?
  2. Think about their pain internally, not externally.
  3. Expand on why and define it further.

What we serve

We know why, and we know who. Now what do you do that can directly contribute to that problem? It's ensuring that you invest your time effectively in the right place.


  1. Keep it general, top-level thinking.
  2. Consider what you are passionate about. Teaching, Video...
  3. What can you develop long-term?

How we serve

Finally, we reach where we'd make the most impact: the delivery. The "How we serve" component outlines the methods and modalities you employ to deliver your offerings, where you provide practical and impactful support. We have all the pieces to refine it.


  1. What do you do skillfully?
  2. Where do you want to spend your time?
  3. What are you committed to mastering?

Here is my example.

The Serve Curve framework is vital because it establishes a clear and interconnected roadmap to align your audience, offerings, and approach to YOU. How you serve determines where the ball lands. Give it a try.

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Anks Patel

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