The Art Of Patience

How do we have infinite patience?

I had an insightful conversation last week and was asked how we can adopt patience to achieve our goals. Now in context, the conversation was around our ability to be patient enough to progress in a time when everything and everyone is living in the fast lane.

People want to accomplish their dreams and goals, right now, today. We are constantly seek the shortest, fastest, effortless route to get ahead. Here's the truth, nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved immediately. Even if you haven't been involved in it, there was a series of events or circumstances that led to it.

Let me introduce you to a natural law, if you haven't already been acquainted.

The Law of Gestation

The law of gestation is a natural law that governs our life. This law states that everything has a period of time before it manifests, an incubation period.

For example, a baby isn't just born; it has a 280-day duration before it's delivered. We cannot interfere with the gestation period; all we can do is contribute to its health. Although we know it's estimated delivery, as a parent, you'll know it feels real when that day comes.

In the same way, what we want to manifest in our goals and dreams takes time; we must have patience. Keeping in mind the result is essential to keep us contributing towards it.

The problem with patience

I believe everyone would agree they have some patience if you asked them. Sure, for short-term achievements, yes, we all do. We are patient enough when we want results and know we can get them. What about achieving something we cannot see or know when we'd get it?

Patience alone is not enough; we need more to keep up going.

Let's take a simple example; you wanted to buy a new laptop; you knew you had to wait three months before buying it. Would you wait? Sure.

Now let's say you had to give up your regular income for a period of time, unknown to you, to achieve something more than the 9-5 job. Perhaps at the beginning, you'd be excited or geared to go for it; however, without knowing for sure if you'd achieve your goal, someone saying, "just have patience", won't do it.

We need more than patience.

I've been on my journey since I can remember; at a very early age, I knew I wanted to support people. I never knew what that looked like or how it would manifest.

I went through life with what I believed to be wasted moments, no real progress, and hardship that perhaps many of you know I've experienced; homelessness. All to reach a point today writing this newsletter to get to the next step in Peoplepreneur.

So after having a deep, insightful conversation with my strategic partner, Humaira, it was a powerful lesson I wanted to share. A question, how do we achieve something we cannot see?

The Patience Model

To achieve something that we cannot see requires more patience. Ha! That was a given. To have patience, we need patience, the ability to accept delays, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. How much?

Great question; here's a formula that I apply.

Action x (Patience + Belief + Faith + Sacrifice) = Results


How calm or stable can you remain to overcome the hurdles to reach your goals? The ability to be patient is a crucial ingredient we must develop. No patience means you end up frustrated, disempowered, impatient and angry.


How strongly do you believe in yourself and what you pursue to get you closer to achievement? Without self-belief, you'd never accomplish anything. You may need more skills to develop, but that is based on knowing where those skills will be applied in your pursuit.


How committed are you to something you cannot see? A strong faith means complete confidence in something or someone. There is no guarantee when you have faith; that's the point.


How willing are you to sacrifice and let go of something to achieve something you desire? Sometimes it is subtle, and you are unaware of it; it's life's transaction. Sacrifice is needed; you cannot have something without giving something up.


Do you consistently take action towards achievement? Without effort, nothing is possible. You must take action, be it incrementally or massive; what are you doing to achieve it?

Let me ask you, how big is your end goal?

The bigger the goal, the more patience you need to maintain. I'm not talking about material goals; I'm speaking about the future you are trying to achieve.

Have a go, and assess your level of patience using the model, where are you?

What do you lack?
What do you fall short on?
Do you have a big goal?
Are you not willing to let go of something?

Anks Patel

Self-Leadership Strategist & Empowerment Coach

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