6 Seeds For Growth

Published Mon 27, 2023

Growth comes in many forms

It was serendipitous when I saw a friend in the line getting his coffee; Hiren was his name.

Having previously worked on projects, our relationship was based on time. There would be a moment when our paths crossed, and very quickly, it would be over.

I parted as I left full-time employment, and I knew through the grapevine that Hiren had invested his time in other ventures; it wasn't until this day that I found out what that was in its entirety.

He mentioned that he bought an allotment.

I was curious why anyone would buy that, not because it wasn't a good investment, but at first thought, the presumption was that people today are focused on growing money.

He came across as someone convicted, invested and invigorated by his idea and vision for what it meant for him. The contribution was a significant piece in his plans; I got triggered.

It turns out there are people you might not necessarily think about who are driven to bring goodness back into the world.

The best plans, in my opinion, have powerful contributory implications and, in the process, sprout a financial return.

I was intrigued to bring you the powerful lessons Hiren has learnt over the years while harvesting his vegetables and fruits and how relevant it is to our life.

1 - Avoid Information Overload

  • Seek out knowledgeable people who are already doing it.
  • Take their instructions and follow them.
  • Limit and focus on the few, as too many will leave you inactive.
  • Experiment and learn in the process, and have fun while you do.

Listen to what others say, yet do what you decide to you.

It's no surprise that we have too much information today. The problem people face today is not knowing what information is correct for them. Have we lost the ability to filter right and wrong?

Overwhelm can kick in when we have too many opinions, so much that you're left confused, and you'll never begin. Stop seeking answers and get your hands dirty; you'll learn more that way.

Action Step Today:

Identify valuable and relevant sources of information by evaluating their credibility and relevancy to your path to minimise information overload.

2 - Plan For More Bang For Your Buck

  • Knowing what you want to grow is essential with limited space.
  • Each different vegetable requires different nutrients to grow.
  • Some vegetables need protection from birds and rats.
  • Prepare the ground, know-how and remember that crops need rotation.

It's super important to know what you want, and I cannot stress this enough. The difference between 'I want to learn to speak on stage' and 'I want to learn to communicate better to be more effective in delivering my vision to my audience' is like chalk and cheese.

Our growth in all areas of life isn't going to be the same. We must take responsibility for nurturing each part differently. Some require more work; you might even need help from others but protect what is dear to you. It's easy teardown someone else's hard work.

Action Step Today:

Create a plan for a personal or professional goal by breaking it into smaller, achievable steps with deadlines or benchmarks.

3 - Plant The Right Seeds

  • Orangic, Genetically Modified, Heirloom Open Pollinated, many options.
  • You have a choice, do you want the best or the cheapest?
  • The right seeds are bought once and used over and over.

We have the power of choice. The options are endless, but choosing to plant the right seed in life requires intention.

If we wish to have the best harvest with no intention to plant the right seeds, we are in for a sure surprise come harvest time.

The law of cause and effect suggests this well. With every effect, there is a cause; here are examples:

1) You cannot complain you're not healthy eating junk food daily.

2) You cannot expect people to trust you if you always lie to them.

3) You cannot harvest potatoes by planting beetroots.

Action Step Today:

Understand the effect of your action and commit where it brings about the best in you and others. Plant the right seeds.

4 - Have Paitence and Persevere

  • Worth-while things take sweat, grit, and tears.
  • Be prepared to be dedicated and disciplined.
  • Invest yourself into that which you want growth.
  • Plant the seeds and have patience for the taste of your labour.

Many things come more straightforwardly than some, and we aren't satisfied with the results; novelty wears off quickly. We value those things more than we've had to work hard from.

The bigger your goals, the more patience you must master; perseverance is necessary!

Dedication comes from discipline, and disciple needs fuel which comes from your why and will.

Action Step Today:

Review if you haven't already 'The Art Of Patience' - check it out here.

5 - You Cannot Control Mother Nature

  • You cannot outrun mother nature.
  • A seasoned expert also has rainy days.
  • People can live in fear. "What if it doesn't grow?" - "I can always go to the supermarket."
  • There is always another way.

It's important to note that we cannot and do not have control over everything. As inconvenient as it can be, there's no point complaining, being upset or losing focus on things we can't.

Living in a negative mindset only prolongs your plans; worst, it derails you off the path. Have confidence in what you pursue and know that you have the solutions inside you to respond to situations that present themselves.

Growth needs voluntary and involuntary inputs. We have within our capacity to follow through on our end and allow nature to do its job. Now it's a different story if you haven't held up your end of the bargain and constantly blamed everything else.

Become the problem-solver, refine that muscle, and eventually, you'll be able to overcome anything life throws at you.

Action Step Today:

Practice acceptance by reframing your perspective, expressing gratitude, and letting go of attachment to the outcome in situations outside your control. Also, review the newsletter ‘Two Forms Of Growth’ - Here.

6 - Eventually, It's Time To Eat

  • Loving the process is essential but don't forget to savour the fruit.
  • The outcome, if strong enough, creates a willingness to overcome any hurdle.
  • Get it done, and "you'll have a belly full of goodness".

You may have heard that the actual outcome is the person you become in the process; however, what if you could take pride in both: the transformation and the result?

You've put in the work, the hardship, the patience, the long hours, the grind, be proud of the transformation but enjoy your fruit. You've earned it; there is no shame in it.

To amplify the enjoyment, you could contribute the results, share them, or expand them outwards because giving them to others will be much sweeter.

Action Step Today:

Celebrate your personal or professional accomplishments by acknowledging the hard work you put in and sharing your successes with supporters and encouragers.

There you go, some robust yet repeatable lessons that life continues to teach us.

Thanks Hiren for your amazing insights.

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