Setting The Sail

Published Sept 05, 2022

The same wind blows on us all.

This powerful message by Jim Rohn is perhaps one of my favourite lessons we should all adopt. What does it mean? Well, we all experience the same type of 'winds. We all share similar 'hurdles'; economically, socially, politically, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.

How you manage your internal self truly determines your reality. We've explored in previous letters that managing the meaning of such life experiences is key to overcoming them. If you don't, that too contributes to the path you take.

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You determine your destination.

For many, the original destination changed or is now unattainable. They've experienced hurdles that have changed the direction, or they no longer pursue it. Remember, even the slightest thought; a change in your philosophy, a negative belief, a rumour, an influencer, a trend, or even a lack of confidence can shift the whole ship.

Stay grounded.

Your current and past experiences are excellent sources of wisdom. People shy away and hide their failures, consequently diverting their attention from them, yet the lessons reveal incorrect assumptions, errors, mistakes, and poor judgement. Don't hide them; analyse them and learn from them. Give yourself the proper guidance on what to do next. They will help you become a better navigator of your life.

Humaira, and I recently had one of the most profound conversations on self-awareness. A massive subject that is misunderstood today by many, but if I were to categorise the call into a single word, I would say 'intentionality'.

We must be willing to move in the right direction that best reflects our authentic selves—intentionally adapting our focus to propel us forward, whether in business, personal or professional.

We established that it wasn't all smooth sailing when it came to being truly aware of what you desire to achieve, sacrifices need to be made, and you must be willing to accept that it's a must to achieve it.

Ultimately those that reach their destinations and those that remain floating on their boats are divided by 'choice'.

  • to take action.
  • to continue the online course that does not contribute to your future.
  • to listen to those who overpower your beliefs for their gain.
  • to read or watch TV.
  • to use the right emotion.
  • to follow what you believe is true.
  • to join yet another group.

Your choices are 'directions', and they will affect the destination. So what are those directions? Where do they come from? Is it coming from within or out? Who is influencing it? These are distinctions formed in your Personal Philosophy; developing them is essential.

[More to come on this later, stay tuned]

Preparing the sail

  • Manage the meaning of your life experiences
  • Take control and make intentional choices
  • Pick and choose where you source your information
  • What are you reading, learning, or speaking to?
  • What are you committing to master?
  • Shift your focus on what brings you fuel
  • Change the negative into a positive
  • Develop empowering beliefs
  • Prepare to take massive action

As the captain of your ship, only you can see what others cannot; only you can see further than they believe you can. Only you can see what they won't.

“The law of navigation states that anyone can lead a ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.”

Setting the sail

The secret to reaching your destination is preparation. Here is an adapted strategy inspired by John Maxwell to help you chart the course - 'PLAN AHEAD'.

P - Through awareness, you can Prepare a course of action

L - Layout your goals for this course

A - What important for this to work, Adjust your priorities

N - Gather around and Notify key people who help make it happen

A - Acceptance is key to moving forward, allow enough time for changes

H - Head into action, momentum is key

E - Don’t expect smooth sailing, Expect problems

A - Remind everyone of the outcome, Always point to the success

D -Review of the plan on a Daily basis

[We are looking to bring this strategy into a workable pdf and will be available on the paid subscription.]

It's time to set the sail, Champions, where are you going?


Empowering Belief

Everyone experiences the same hurdles.

What I do from it determines my destination, I have a choice.

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Anks Patel

Founder, Growth Coach, People Developer, Strategist,Unconventional Thinker, Aligner, Clarifier


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This powerful message by Jim Rohn is perhaps one of my favorite lessons we should all adopt. What does it mean? Well, we all experience the same type of ‘winds. We all share similar ‘hurdles’; economically, socially, politically, spiritually…
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