Top 3 Problems to Overcome [3 of3]

Published Aug 22, 2022

The Final Problem

We've previously addressed the two issues:

  • Taking problems personally
  • Thinking that every part of your life is a failure

When you negatively associate your experiences, you dig a deeper hole for yourself, which, eventually, seems like an unescapable ditch. You can begin to question all the wrong in your life; you shift your focus on everything negative. Suddenly, everything seems like it's happening to you. Here's where it gets permanent.

Third problem: It's never going to get better.

Hey, I get it; my life has been an accumulation of adverse experiences that seems to be active daily. I faced significant experiences in my life that fortunately shaped my thinking, my thoughts, my actions and how I now approach life.

I was homeless.

I had debt collectors come to collect money frequently on debts outstanding I accumulated to help my family with financial difficulties. My family was split up. I never had enough food to eat; on one occasion, I only had a tin of fish for the whole day. I had to borrow £5 to purchase basic bread, milk and eggs. It was the source of my food for a long time.

I remember one thing my father told me, "Starve but pay your debts". A questionable method today, though it was a lifesaver back then. These experiences opened my eyes to a world I could never have seen without that lesson. I'm grateful for it why because I chose to get through it.

I am a better person.

Over the years, I faced many other challenges, though, in them, I developed personally; equally, you will too. The significant difference between someone who succeeds is how they choose to deal with their circumstances.

The law of rhythm states that everything moves to and fro, back and forth, in and out. Take the seasons we experience; after the sequence of these seasons, we certainly experience spring after winter and the seasons repeat.

Life is very much in this constant flow.

After a pleasant experience, there are unpleasant ones, and then pleasant ones occur again. Can you control the intensity of them? Of course you can. The meaning you associate with it, how you overcome them, and the positive lessons you extract from them.

Many people find that problems are permanent as they, like me, have been disappointed repeatedly. However, focusing on what's not right keeps us from seeing what is. You MUST learn to develop your ability, like a muscle in the gym, to be resourceful in approaching problems.

Nothing is permanent.

Here is a great acronym for PROBLEMS we want you to develop:

P – Problems are needed to help us grow.
R – The result of problems is Refinement.
O – Opportunities are disguised in problems.
B – Problems are Blessings that help us walk through doors we don't.
L – There are Lessons that we must learn.
E – Everyone is experiencing some form of challenge.
M – Problems are Messages that prepare us for what's to come.
S – Every problem has a Solution.

Stay Fullfilled, Champions.


Empowering Belief

Everything is temporary.

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Hey, I get it; my life has been an accumulation of adverse experiences that seems to be active daily. I faced significant experiences in my life that fortunately shaped my thinking, my thoughts, my actions and how I now approach life.
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