A Key Skill For Effective Navigation

Published Feb 13, 2023

Our Biggest Problem

Poor self-leadership leads to ineffective leadership in other areas of our lives. We need to adopt a solution that shifts us into action and solves our problems. When faced with challenges, there are three options you have:

1 The Blame Game

We are blaming others, ourselves, or uncontrollable events. We've all blamed something for the expectations that aren't met in our lives. The quicker we move away from this state, the better.

2 Change The Condition

Taking new steps for different outcomes. What if you are 23 "No's" away from a "Yes"? What if you break through and achieve it all after attempting it four times? Doesn't it work? Change your approach.

3 Change Your Mental Model

Adjusting personal rules for enhanced control, for example if you never take action towards desired outcomes due to fear of ridicule, you will inevitably experience undesirable results.

Which one we pick determines the course of our lives. Many are quick jump onto anything that isn’t us. We may have a moment of frustration and thats fine, just don’t stay there.

Have you noticed that in today's world, giving advice is easy, but living it is more challenging? Everyone has an answer, but do they follow through themselves? Have you observed them doing so? What results are they getting? Are they congruent with their actions?

We must become better judges of what we accept as a solution and learn to understand people better. You can adopt the best advice, listen to the greats, make notes, save or bookmark them, and try to apply them; however, without self-discipline, you will lead yourself nowhere.

The Disciplined Climb

Anything worthwhile is always at the other end of hard work and effort. The trouble is that we have unhealthy habits that make us not want to work for it; we want it to be easy and accessible. When we begin to climb for something, eventually, we stop, pause, need a break, and at that moment, we lose momentum. You've heard people say:

"oh, I deserve a break."
"I worked hard for this; I need a holiday."
"I'm looking forward to a getaway."

People redirect their efforts from the initial reason for the climb to what they now deserve; it's just not a strong enough pull to keep them climbing. What usually happens in that lost momentum phase is that people begin to drift towards success. It's impossible because drifting is a downward intention. John Maxwell says it best; people have 'uphill hopes with downhill habits - four days of climbing wipes out one day of coasting'.

Keep climbing because progress is lost when we aren’t disciplined.

Self-discipline - 5 reasons to become disciplined

1) Nothing can be achieved without it - No matter the price you pay for solutions, your results are based on your commitment.

2)It's the difference between temporary success and sustainable success. Those that fluctuate in their path lack self-discipline; there are no quick stops, just consistency in good and bad times.

3) Self-discipline creates better habits - Become masterful of them, not a slave to those that do not serve you. Incorporate better practices that contribute to your success.

4) When you are convicted and passionate about something, you become automatically self-disciplined in achieving its results. Discipline amplifies your strengths.

5) When you are disciplined, we put consistency on steroids; you enable it. Consistency is needed for anything to manifest; put in the time, and keep those reps up.

The Fuel Needed

Self-discipline needs fuel; we can't just become disciplined. Here's a great place to keep fueling it:

When you are triggered, convicted, passionate, and it becomes a must for you, you amplify yourself into success—pairing your Will with your Why is an unstoppable combination.

So ask yourself:

1) Beyond the material gain, why do I do what I do?

2) Am I willing to do it without benefiting from it?

No success will ever come to those without the necessary skill of self-discipline.

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Anks Patel

Founder, Growth Coach, People Developer, Strategist,Unconventional Thinker, Aligner, Clarifier


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